Five-Star Virtual Coaching

In today’s connected world, teachers have numerous places to turn for new strategies and fresh ideas. However, sometimes they need less information and more conversation about what actually works when it comes to applying strategies with students. Teachers want to ask questions and prepare their individualized material at a pace that allows for optimal understanding and successful learning experiences.




Virtual coaching sessions allow teachers and instructional coaches personalized attention to conceptualize and collaborate with an expert in order to develop awesome learning opportunities for students and educators when they need help the most. Our solution allows for immediate "just-in-time" assistance within a cost-effective solution.


Teachers and coaches submit a form inside of our Pyxis software to help us fully understand their goals, needs, skill level, and availability. One of our virtual coaches then works with them to brainstorm and implement strategies or tools that we know are proven to create awesome learning experiences for students and/or staff members.


Virtual coaching works well for individual teachers seeking advice on specific lessons or topics.  It is also beneficial for instructional coaches in need of a thought partner, ideas for future trainings, or another option for meeting the needs of the teachers. Using Pyxis as a common space for resources helps keep everyone on the same page.



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