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Efficient. Qualitative. Effective.  

Pivot offers the Tulsa Model for Staff Evaluations

Pivot's Staff Evaluations module allows evaluators and teachers to easily track observation and evaluation data transparently so that it can be used throughout the year to promote educator growth. Pivot’s model (utilizing the Tulsa rubric or a district-created rubric) enables evaluators to intentionally study and analyze a teacher’s classroom performance to fuel accurate state reporting. Pivot seamlessly provides:

  • Access to the TLE Teachers’, Counselors’, and Deans’ evaluation rubrics
  • Simple processes for observation note-taking, evidence uploading, and coding
  • Automated summative scoring and calculating
  • Ability to load a multitude of evidence files such as PDF, Google Docs, photos, and videos
  • Easily-identifiable trends and progress reporting

Pivot’s ultimate goal is to offer the transparency needed for the professional growth of educators to take place year-round.

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